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  • Company Registration in Romania

Assistance with company registration in Romania

  • Company Registration in Other Jurisdictions

Through our agents in other jurisdictions we provide assistance with company formation services in Cyprus, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Austria, Malta, Madeira, Luxembourg


  • Review of Accounting Records

Review of your accounting records, assessment of current status and assistance in resolving the noted deficiencies

  • Set-up of Accounting and Reporting System

Setting of compulsory accounting and fiscal registers; Design of the financial and management accounting reports; Customization of the chart of accounts and cost centres; Review and update of the Accounting Policies Manual; Training

  • Accounting Services

Comprehensive maintenance of accounting records in full compliance with the Romanian Accounting Standards and with the requirements of the accounting policies of the companies

  • Assistance to Internal and External Auditors

We provide assistance to the financial and internal auditors of our clients, during their assignments of examining the financial statements

  • Tax Registration in Romania

Registration at the Romanian tax office for corporate income tax, VAT and other taxes; Registration of permanent establishments and secondary places of business; Advice for start-ups

  • Preparation of Tax Returns

Tax computation, preparation and submission of all the tax returns that are required for your company by the Romanian tax legislation


  • Preparation of Management Accounts

Preparation of management accounts including financial statements forecasts, cash flow forecasts, reporting packages, actual versus budgeted analysis, etc.

  • Statutory Financial Statements Preparation

Preparation of statutory financial statements in accordance with the Romanian Accounting Standards

  • Consolidated Financial Statements

Preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with the Romanian Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards

  • Reporting Package Preparation

Preparation of financial reporting packages in accordance with the group accounting policies

  • IFRS Financial Statements

Preparation of financial statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards


  • Preparation of Payroll Records

Processing the monthly payroll calculation, preparation of pay slips and payment orders for salaries and taxes

  • Preparation of Tax Returns Related to Salaries

Preparation of the tax returns related to salaries and submission to the Romanian tax authorities

  • Personnel Files Auditing

Compliance audits of the personnel files, identification of deficiencies, correction measures, advice on Romanian labour law

  • Human Resources

Preparation of the necessary documents in accordance with Romanian labour law, related to various employment contracts

  • Performance Management, KPIs

Assistance in setting the business objectives, cascading objectives to employees, setting performance indicators and link to remuneration, identification and reward of performing employees


  • IT Strategy

Assessment of the current situation and expectations; Design of IT strategy and implementation plan

  • IT Cost Optimisation

Assessment of current IT processes and recommendations for optimisation of processes, management costs and IT invesments

  • IT Architecture

Assessment of current IT architecture and assistance for its optimization

  • Design of IT Solution

Analysis of the current situation, define relevant business requirements and translate them into a document that will govern the implementation phase (system specification)

  • IT Tender Support

Assistance in the preparation of tender documentation and during the tender

  • IT Project Management

Risk, quality and deadlines management, coordination of implementing the planned activities, support throughout the life of the project


  • Interim Management

Assistance for companies facing temporary staff needs on roles such as: Board Member, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy CFO, Reporting Manager, Tax Manager, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant, IT Director, Treasury Manager

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