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Financial Advisory
Financial Advisory


  • Mergers and Acquisitions Transaction Support

Buy-side financial due diligence for private equity and investors interested in Romanian targets; Sell-side financial due diligence; Post-completion support and advice

  • Project Finance

Advisory services for finance raising (european funds, grants, bank loans), acquisitions and divestitures


  • Business Valuation

Valuation of companies or operations, necessary for strategic investment/divestment decisions, purchase price allocation, compliance with statutory provisions or contractual agreements

  • Business Plan Assistance

Assistance in the preparation of business plans, necessary for raising capital from potential investors, bankers and other lenders, as well as for selling companies or operations

  • Feasibility Study Assistance

Assistance in the elaboration of the economic feasibility study (cost-benefit analysis) based on the information of a feasibility study, prepared for making strategic decisions or raising finance from banks, European Union or other sources

  • Strategic Options Planning

Preparation of financial models for assessing various transactions and exploring strategic options and their financial impact on the performance of the company and shareholder value

  • Financial Models for Restructuring

Preparation of financial models for assisting the negotiations and decision making during the turnaround procedures

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

Preparation of financial models for assisting the process of budgeting and forecasting financial statements and quantification of your business success

  • Business and KPI Reporting

Preparation of financial models that provide an overview of the performance of your company, developing a set of financial and non-financial indicators relevant for your business

  • Tax Modelling

Preparation of financial models for assisting the process of tax optimisation, cash flow improvement and reducing the financing and compliance costs

  • Financial Models Audit and Review

Independent reviews of your financial models, including assumptions, formulas, outputs and sensitivity analyses; Assurance engagements on your financial model accuracy


  • Business Process Design

Analysis of current processes, deficiencies and bottlenecks; Identification of improvement areas, development of indicators to quantify actual and target performance; Development of implementation plan

  • ERP Project Management

Assistance during the implementation of your ERP solution, by playing the role of Finance Project Managers aiming to keep your project on track in terms of quality, budget and deadlines

  • Accounting Systems Review

Review of accounting systems and implementation of internal controls aiming to achieve reliable financial reporting, compliance with laws and procedures, reduce the risk of fraud and error

  • Finance Workflow Optimisation

Analysis of your workflows and advice on improvement measures such as process changes, optimisation tools, software solutions aiming to reduce processing time and the risk of fraud and error


  • Financial Management Services

Assistance for companies during financial transformation projects on roles such as: Chief Financial Officer, Deputy CFO, Reporting Manager, Tax Manager, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant

  • Internal Controls Optimization

Assessment of the internal control system, assistance in optimization of internal controls

  • Fast Close

Analysis of the financial statements and reporting packages preparation process and improvement recommendations for reducing the time and enhance the quality

  • Stocktake Procedures

Assistance in the preparation of stocktake procedures for each step of the process: planning, stock count, documentation

  • Reports for the Lenders

Assistance in the preparation of reports required by the Company’s lenders (forecasted cash flow, budgets, financial statements etc.)


  • Financial Management Consulting

Design, implementation and coordination of new finance functions; assessment and optimisation of the existing finance functions

  • Accounting Policies Review

Preparation of the Accounting Policies Manual and implementation plan; Review and update of the Accounting Policies Manual

  • Chart of Accounts Optimization

Unification of the chart of accounts for groups of companies aiming to have a coherent approach on transactions recording and financial reporting

  • Cost Centres Design

Customization of cost centres based on the group rules, particularities of the business sector and activities undertaken by the company

  • IFRS Implementation

Assistance on implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards

  • Financial Reporting Process Improvement

Analysis of the financial reporting process and improvement recommendations for reducing the preparation time and enhance the quality of financial statements, reporting packages and management accounts

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